How to write a good undergraduate dissertation

When it comes to writing a high-quality undergraduate dissertation, the first and most important step is to find a unique topic for the research as well as the dissertation proposal. Make sure the topic you have selected has not been covered by any of the previous students or scholars. You can find at, that undergraduate dissertation is a type of paper written based on the research you might have conducted during your class. It is not as complicated as the postgraduate or doctorate thesis but still needs to have its own format and structure.

The structure of the undergraduate dissertation

There is a set structure of your undergraduate dissertation which you need to take care of irrespective of the research topic you have chosen to work on. Before you follow that structure, it is essential to write and submit the dissertation proposal. This proposal will speak of what the actual dissertation is going to cover, what is its aim and how it will contribute to the area of research.

It mainly needs to have the following points:

  1. The cover page

The cover page can be crafted in APA, MA or Harvard style. It depends on what your teacher or supervisor has asked for or what type of format he wants.

  1. The abstract

Ideally, the undergraduate dissertation needs to have an abstract of nearly 250 words. It is the summary of your entire research project and needs to be written in simple and unique words.

  1. The table of contents

In this section, you need to write the content’s headings that are likely to be present throughout the dissertation. It will consist of a page or two depending on the word count you are required to write in the dissertation.

  1. List of tables and figures

It is essential to write the list of your tables and figures and mention where those tables or figures have been inspired from.

  1. Acknowledgment (if any)

It is an optional part and is written when you have taken the idea from somewhere. You also need to appreciate the teachers, supervisor or people who have helped you craft a quality dissertation.

  1. The introduction

The introduction chapter needs to be written carefully, and it is where the entire topic, its significance, goals, and outcomes should be presented in a comprehensive and useful way. You should mention the dissertation hypothesis in this particular part and make sure all the main things have been covered here.

  1. Literature review

The literature review is dedicated to scholars, researchers, and authors who have already contributed in your field. You can support your hypothesis using their studies as well as talk about how they worked in their respective fields.

  1. Research method

Is your research method qualitative and quantitative? You need to mention everything in this part and take good care of the quality.

  1. Data analysis and interpretation

It is where the data you have analyzed or interpreted needs to be mentioned. In this part, you can draw graphs, prepare tables and calculate the things using different formulas or equations based on your research topic.

  1. Results and findings

It is where you need to mention the results and findings of your topic, which need to be accurate and to the point. You should only mention what things have been concluded so far or during the research.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is meant to sum up the whole dissertation, and you need to support your arguments and hypothesis briefly in this part.

How to write a good undergraduate dissertation

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