The best essay writing service is one which has invested in its staff, both writers and support staff. The internet has led to more and more writing sites turning up, since now more and more students are looking for them. This allows for more people to use their services, yes, but it also allows more people to scam their customers. As scams become more sophisticated, it is harder and harder to tell them apart from the real thing. Too many people find themselves with nothing to show for their money and patience – people need to know how to find a good writing site, like , and how to find the best one possible for them and their work.

Good sites will first have a good site: the website they use to advertise themselves, and to contact customers and the like, will always be a very well thought out one. The web site will either be one page on its own, or it will be a site comprised of several different individual pages. Whatever the layout is, the best writing site will be clear, and well laid out. It will feature all of the most important information – such as how to get in touch, how to pay, what to pay, and so on – as well as other things such as testimonials from previous customers, and explanations of the site protocols.

The best writing site will have multiple ways to get in touch – sites will have telephone numbers and email addresses, and in this age of social media will most likely have several social media widgets. Increasingly, sites are also incorporating a live chat option as well: a live chat opens up a small chat box (like instant messengers), which allows clients and potential clients to get in touch with the site instantly. Most good writing sites have people available around the clock, so as to keep up with client questions. A good writing site will know that people want to get in touch whenever they can, and they will make provisions for that.

Good sites also have a number of perks available on their papers. They will have a baseline payment for their papers, normally by page, which is affected by a wide variety of factors. Beyond that, clients will have certain parts of their paper done for free in all cases: the title page, the bibliography, and the abstract, if the paper has one. Along with this, clients can expect to have thirty days in which to ask for a revision – if they do, they will receive it completely free of charge. This also applies to rewrites, but of course the rules are different in that the client has to prove that a rewrite is necessary.

The writers – possibly the most important part of any site – will be very thoroughly vetted on the best writing sites. They will be experienced, will have academic degrees, and will all be native speakers of English. This is to ensure that the clients receive the best attention and work possible. Everything ties into creating the best environment for clients, from having some business experience, which means that writers are familiar with the way a writing site works, to having academic experience, which means that they will have in-depth knowledge of citation and essay styles, to suit all subjects.

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